Saturday 28 February 2009

Good things for those who wait

I can't say that we chose to wait. But wait we did.

Visa crisis take one and Masumi got kicked out of the country last June. Visa crisis take two occurred when I visited Japan for dancing season. We got married on August 20 - married in the morning, and I was on the plane that evening. I saw Masumi for a week in October. The spouse visa finally came through on December 30. Finally back together again on January 21, in wintry Japan. And I brought Masumi safely back to Australia on February 4.

Now we're in Cairns. Back to work at quarantine and chess is starting up for the year for me. Masumi is searching for work in child care. Time for some good things to come our way!

Speaking of good things, these photos. Erm, for lack of a better translation, pre-wedding photos. A bit of a Tokushima tradition and in Masumi's words, "I don't mind about the wedding, so long as we do the photos." Of course, we're still doing the wedding.

Anyway, enough talk. Enjoy our joyful photos.

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